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Banff, AB
$16 an hour

Urgently hiring
A Kitchen Helper is someone who is responsible for fulfilling routine cleaning duties in the kitchen with supervision from a designated kitchen supervisor. They maintain their work area as well as all the utensils and materials found in the kitchen and from the dining room and make sure they are clean and in proper condition.

A kitchen needs a lot of cleaning and other routine tasks daily to keep it clean and safe for food preparation. In a restaurant setting, the kitchen is one of the busiest parts where foods are prepared for their customers. You can find the chef, dish washer & cooks most of the time in this area. Kitchen Helper is an entry level job but their services are needed in the kitchen area to deliver satisfying meal to their customers. They need to work in conjunction with other food service staff to ensure that the kitchen is well-managed and maintained.

Duties of a Kitchen Helper

Kitchen helper performs different duties and they work with other food service staff. Their main responsibility is to maintain and clean the kitchen area. The duties of a kitchen helper include a combination of the following:

They are responsible for keeping the floor area neat. They need to mop and sweep the floor.
They keep everything in their kitchen/dishwasing area clean and sanitized - plates, cups, utensils, glassware, cookware & equipment
Another duty of a kitchen helper is to dispose of the trash on a regular basis. They replace garbage bags after the garbage is thrown and wash it too to make it clean and free from odor.
Kitchen helpers may also help with food preparation. They may assist food prep cooks when not required to be cleaning. Kitchen Helpers in good standing may also have the opportunity to move up to a Food Prep Cook position when one becomes available.
They also assist the other kitchen staff in unloading shipment of foods and supplies that are needed in the kitchen.
Above all, they keep everything in the kitchen in order. They need to pile the pans, pots and other kitchen utensils properly for ease in cooking and deliver trays of clean utensils and glassware to the front end staff.Work Condition of a Kitchen Helper
Kitchen Helpers are on their feet most of the time of their duty. They work under pressure at busy mealtimes. He/She will need to work in a close kitchen area, lift heavy equipment and will be assigned to carry trays, glassware and plates. On average, he/she will work five days a week, eight hour shifts.

Work Incentives:

* Staff Accommodation

* Monthly bonus when in good standing

* Opportunity to move up into a Prep Cook position when available

* Free Duty Meal per shift

* Complimentary beverages throughout shift

* 50% off any menu - any time

* Annual Staff Appreciation Parties

Educational Requirements of a Kitchen Helper

It is considered as entry-level jobs that need only little or no previous work experience at all as long as they undergo in house training on food safety, cleaning kitchen equipment and serving dishes and sanitation safety.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $16.00 per hour

Additional pay:

Bonus pay

Discounted or free food

8 hour shift

Banff, AB (Preferred)

ENGLISH (Required)

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