True North Hostelling Banff Wilderness Relief Manager

True North Hostelling Association
Banff, AB
$17.50 an hour
True North Hostelling Association
Banff, AB
$17.50 an hour
Banff, AB

Full job description

OK, maybe you won’t get rich – but if you’re looking for a true Canadian Wilderness experience, this job may be for you.

Hostelling International is looking to fill the position of Relief Wilderness Hostel Manager for the 2024 Summer/Fall season. This person travels between several of the Banff Wilderness hostels, small 20-30 bed hostels located off the beaten path in Banff National Park, covering the days off of the regular managers at each facility.

These hostels – Nordegg, Mosquito Creek and Rampart Creek primarily – are what we call “rustic”. Either they have no electricity or running water, or just no telephone or internet. For what they lack in modern facilities and connectivity, they more than make up for in other ways; waking up to the peaceful quiet of the Wilderness, being able to count the millions of stars so far away from the city, or simply being surrounded by the vastness and indescribable beauty of rugged mountains, hanging glaciers and 400-metre tall waterfalls.

If you have your own transportation, think you’d like to be a host to our guests staying in these little backcountry cabins, are ok with a 7 day on/7 day off schedule, want to spend your time off hiking, biking and climbing in some of the most beautiful areas that Canada has to offer, please apply today!

This position is available to start immediately. The position includes a 6% vacation entitlement and on site staff accommodation is provided at no cost at each hostel.

If you want an idea of what life is like as an employee of HI Canada in the wilderness networks, check out the stories in "our Stories" section of this page :

Background Checks

As part of our standard hiring procedure, successful candidates will be subject to comprehensive background checks. These checks may include employment verification, reference checks, educational qualifications verification, and criminal record checks where applicable.

About HI

We love travelling. To us, travel isn’t just about going places, it’s also about meeting people, discovering cultures, eating new food and most of all, learning how people do things differently than we do back home.

We believe that through hostelling, we become more conscious about the world around us; and we can even make the world a better place. Our mission is to build a community of conscious travellers who share a greater understanding of people, places and cultures through our network of hostels and people.

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